Fajã dos Padres has the shape of a small piece of land, at the bottom of a cliff approximately 250 meters high, located in the southern coast of Madeira. The cliff represents an enormous barrier to the north, thus Fajã opens itself wide toward the south, allowing an easy access to the sea through a narrow rocky beach, which forms a small bay at the centre.

The peculiar morphologic characteristics of Fajã dos Padres make its climate distinct from that of surrounding regions. Since it is an agricultural property by excellence, it thus fosters the development of exotic cultures, more characteristic in warmer and drier places than the majority of those found in the Island of Madeira.

These aspects, and the fact that it has been inhabited for centuries, makes Fajã dos Padres a very special place, distinct in terms of landscape, climate, agriculture as well as the living experience and inheritance of its past inhabitants.


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