Our Commitment

All aspects of life at Fajã dos Padres are deeply rooted in preserving the rich land that feeds us. So we shape our decisions and ground our community by a common goal: care for the land that has sustained us for centuries.

Given today's circumstance, there´s no doubt a space like this is considered a hidden gem. Since the Jesuit establishment in the 16th century, its abundance, biodiversity, and immense natural beauty has not been lost. While we are fortunate enough to experience its immense natural beauty, we must remain conscious of its vulnerability and accountable for its preservation. We are learning and evolving to adapt to our uncertain biosphere as we consider its protection our unequivocal duty.

This duty extends beyond our coastal stretch, and involves our entire island of Madeira, and even further- mother earth herself. This plants the foundations of our corporate responsibility- one built on integrating and evaluating all environmental performances of our activities. So we have thoughtfully created the following Sustainability Policy to ensure we can safeguard our classified Cultural and Natural Space.

Our efforts to minimise negative environmental effects will remain a constant priority. Not only does our mission allow for natural benefits, it also sets the stage for significant community guidance and engagement. Like the islands, we believe that we are separated on the surface but connected in the deep; and we are proud that our positive influence is amplified through our wonderful team and guests, their families, and everyone else along our local supply chain.

Get to know our Sustainability Policy


Green Key

Fajã dos Padres is a Green Key establishment.
The Green Key program recognizes tourist establishments implementing beneficial environmental and social practices. This supports Sustainable Tourism in a world whose exploration frequently presents global consequences. We are rewarded for managing our enterprise through strict adherence to rigorous green guidelines. Within this framework, the enterprise must introduce an environmental management system that works to optimise a number of sustainability parameters. For example, minimising energy and water consumption, responsibly managing all waste for recycling, using green labelled cleaning products, promoting the use of organic products, excluding chemical herbicides and pesticides, and much more. Similarly, the Green Key practices thoughtfully promote Environmental Education on topics concerning Sustainable Development.
The Green Key award is internationally recognized, and has already imparted positive change in over 50 countries. In Portugal, the program is coordinated by ABAE Associação Bandeira Azul Da Europa).

They are non-profit, non-governmental pillars in the FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education). In this foundation, environmental educating entities have been connected, weaving together a strong global network of sustainability engaged influencers from over 77 countries. We have chosen to embody the Green Key program because our own choices are the only guarantee we have on making a difference. By choosing to stay in a Green Key development, you too are choosing to help protect the environment.

Clean & Safe
Fajã dos Padres is a Clean & Safe establishment.
Created by Turismo de Portugal, the Clean & Safe Seal recognizes establishments that comply with the recommendations issued by the National Tourist Authority and the Directorate-General for Health. These guidelines are set to reduce risks of contamination with Covid-19 and other possible infections. Since its debut in 2020, the seal has expanded into other dimensions of tourist safety such as public health, extreme phenomena, and international constraints.

Agricultura Biológica
Fajã dos Padres is an Organic-Certified diversified agro-ecosystem.
The Organic Production Certification is a global management system that regulates the physical and biological components of our agricultural practices, and their subsequent environmental, social, and economic impact.

By subjecting our production system to a high degree of control, the Organic Certification ensures that we are choosing the most sustainable practices. Naturally, these strengthen and regenerate our land while yielding the safest, most nutritious produce possible. This is certain as auditors strictly monitor all stages of our production process- from the fertility and quality of our soil, the origin of our seeds, and our alternative pest and disease control methods, down to the processing, storage, and distribution of our natural goods.

By enjoying certain seasonal farm-to-table sourced ingredients at our beachside restaurant, or ordering the fresh harvest directly to your accommodation, you can be sure that what's on your plate has been produced through the utmost integrity, love, and respect for the land.

Rede Natura 2000

The coastal front of Fajã dos Padres is classified as a Site of Community Importance (SIC) by Rede Natura 2000.

As we border the Cabo Girão Marine Natural Park, the cliffs adjacent to Fajã dos Padres have a high nesting potential for vulnerable seabird species included in Annex I of the Birds Directive.

Cultural and Natural Space with Beach

Fajã dos Padres is identified in the Municipal Master Plan (PDM) of Ribeira Brava as a Cultural and Natural Space with a Beach.
According to the PDM, areas of high environmental, cultural, and scenic value are classified as Natural Spaces. The environmental safeguarding of Fajã dos Padres is considered an indispensable priority as the ecosystem contributes largely to landscape diversity on Madeira Island.
Source: Ribeira Brava PDM - Resolution of the Regional Government of Madeira nº 802/2015 of September 4th.

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