Inhabited and cultivated since Madeira started being populated, the history of Fajã dos Padres accompanies the history of the Island itself. There are countless records and references made to its owners, its crops and inhabitants, as far back as the 15th century.

The property owes its name of to the fact that it belonged to the priests of the Company of Jesus for more than 150 years. As inhabitants of Fajã dos Padres they left a remarkable legacy, in particular the introduction of the malmsey wine, a wine whose reputation expanded the borders of Portugal to become well known in England, in the United States and even in Russia. 

In spite of its isolation, Fajã was once inhabitant by approximately 50 persons, between settlers and Jesuits, distributed by an agglomerate of about 10 houses. In addition to the agricultural activity, it is believed that Fajã was also used for the priests’ summer escape.

Nowadays it is possible to revive a little of this past inheritance, by visiting some of these small rebuilt houses, tasting the delicious malmsey wine in a visit to the old cellar, or walking in the old stone alleys through the cultivated pieces of land.

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